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Do you understand your data?

Bring your data to life!

How do you know which offers to push, which campaigns to stop, which ads to display, and which customer segments to target? Our web analytics services help provide the answers to these and more marketing questions that need answering.

data drives your business

Are you playing a guessing game?

Too many times we find that teams don’t have confidence they’ve been making decisions based on accurate metrics.

Expose Growth believe in reliable, accurate, and actionable web analytics and reporting services, meaning that you can put an end to the guessing game and make solid progress.

Do you ever ask any of these questions?

Which of my ads, campaigns and channels are working and which aren’t?

What do customers do after they click on my ad until they buy my product or abandon my website?

Which are my most and least engaging pages and why?

Which particular points in my sales funnel are bleeding away leads and how to plug the leaks?

How can I predict and model user behaviour based on historical analytics data?

Which user segments are converting better than others?

If you do, speak to us today and we can help improve and understand your analytics and data with you.

Let's talk growth
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You’ve got growth goals? We’ll build the roadmap.

Businesses need a data-driven vision. More importantly, they need a clear, action-packed game plan. We partner with you to strategize, prioritize, link up cross-channel insights, and, ultimately, grow.

Let's talk growth

From Analytics to Business Success

01. Track user behaviour
Web analytics tracking is the biggest driver of digital marketing success.
From the time a user clicks on an ad, enters your website and reaches your desired goal, your traffic is giving you opportunities to track, model and predict their behaviour.

02. Extract actionable insights
We deliver accurate web tracking and reporting that help you translate customer behaviour into actionable business insights.

We help you to determine how and why users are behaving the way they are, so we can create a strategy to guide them towards your goals.

03. Make data driven decisions
The data gathered from your web analytics will determine whether certain pages or campaigns are working or not working.

By implementing proper web analytics and reporting tools, your team will understand business metrics and make data-driven strategic decisions that lead to success.

Our Approach

We help you track every interaction between your customer and their desired goal. This allows us to see where your money is going and the return your efforts are generating.

web analytics audit

If you already have web analytics in place, we’ll start by reviewing what’s been implemented and what data you’ve been collecting so far. We clean up messy tracking, fix inaccuracies, and double-check to make sure everything is working properly.


We help you figure out the key metrics that your business should be tracking. We make sure all essential actions and events are being tracked, including buttons, forms, phone numbers, checkouts and anything else a user might interact with.

find actionable insights

Getting accurate data is just the start. Analysing the data and gleaning actionable insights is the real game. We identify gaps and opportunities where most other companies can’t in order to maximise our growth efforts across your digital channels.

reporting and recommendations

We help you figure out what’s working and what needs improvement. With our web analytics services, you can create a data-driven culture in your company and internalise long-term efficiencies that start to multiply your marketing ROI.

Analytics & Data frequently asked questions

Analytics tell you what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong. What’s working, and what’s not working on all facets of your marketing, from social media, to content, to email marketing. If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. You might be helping yourself a little, but, it’s almost a sure thing that you could be helping yourself more. You could be discovering the content your audience really likes, and really shares. You could be seeing which social networks and activities drive the most traffic to your site. If you’re spending dedicated time doing social media activities, it is usually a net benefit, and in many cases a large benefit, to spend some of those hours on measurement and analysis. That will give you the knowledge to optimize your activities. That, in turn, will yield better results from those activities.

Marketing analytics can surface insights that you weren’t aware of, like how offline and online channels work together and how each consumer interaction influences the final sale or lead or signup (e.g., marketing attribution).

Here are some more reasons you should care about marketing analytics:

  • It provides tangible data around paid marketing initiatives — CPC, CPL, ROI, and brand lift.
  • It informs how your marketing campaigns and initiatives are performing, often in real-time, so you can optimize for improvement.
  • It connects your marketing campaigns to your website traffic and other metrics, enabling you to understand how various tactics and channels impact user and customer behavior.
  • It surfaces opportunities that influence future marketing and content strategies (e.g., a paid search campaign can inform your organic SEO content strategy).
  • It helps you do more with your advertising dollars and increase efficiency by reallocating spend to the most effective channels.
  • It provides a trove of data and information on customers and prospects which can be used to inform customer journey mapping and test the viability of new markets, products, and services.
  • It validates marketing expenses by tying ROI to initiatives.

You’ve got growth goals? We’ll build the roadmap.

Businesses need a data-driven vision. More importantly, they need a clear, action-packed game plan. We partner with you to strategize, prioritize, link up cross-channel insights, and, ultimately, grow.

Let's talk growth